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 Changeringing shapes
 Basic terminology
 Ringing glossary
The Tower Handbook
English v other ringing styles 

Talks and slide lectures

 Living Heritage
 I'll Take the High Road
 The Settle-Carlisle Railway
 More than Meets the Eye
 The Human Factor
 English Style Bells & Bellringing
 The Pennine Way
 Ringing for Musicians
 An evolving garden
 Maths of change ringing
 Other talks

Books by me 

 Living Heritage
  Ringing skills (download)
  Other books


Fell walking 

 Long distance paths
 Inn to inn walks in Europe

Settle-Carlisle railway line 

 My Ribblehead sweater
 Carlisle to Settle by rail (in snow)
 Carlisle to Settle on foot

Metal sculpture 


Shapes from paper tape 

 Platonic solids
 Other polyhedra
 Moravian stars
 Klein bottle


 Variation in brick size
 Brick bonds
 My brick collection

Solar power 

 Our generation records 
 Seasonal / daily variation 
 Import v export 



Carlisle to Settle (by train)
 Carlisle to Settle (on foot)
 Riding the storm (on a bike)
 Inn to inn walks in Europe


 What is ergonomics?
 See for yourself
 Car park ergonomics
 Some interesting facts
 Find out more


 Countryside walking south of Wokingham
 Development threat to Wokingham
Wokingham in the 1960s & 1970s

 All the rest 

 The Severn Bore
 Nascom 2
 Trees cocooned by caterpillars
 Ash cones sitting on snow
 Cambridge in the 1960s
 Kirkby in the 1960s
 Mansfield in the 1960s 
 Scouting in the 1960s 

 The Rod-Stone-Fortnight system

What's new

 A sort of blog
 Lots of articles

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