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Pictures of Mansfield in the 1960s

I grew up in Kirkby  and went to school in Mansfield. They have both changed a lot since then, but these pictures give a few glimpses of how they looked in the 1960s. They aren't a systematic record, most of them were taken on a couple of days walking round trying out my camera and a new type of film.

We parked on Nottingham Road and I walked around the Midland station through Titchfield Park, under the railway at Littleworth and back along Baums Lane to meet my father.

Trying to piece together the journey 55 years later was quite hard since the town has changed, some of the railways have gone, and even street names. of the things I photographed were no longer there. The shop advertising Mansfield Ales was on the corner of Wharf Road and Belvedere Street but neither of those names appear on a modern map. Wharf Road is now the station car park and Belvedere Street has been renamed as a continuation of Rosemary Street, which used to end at Stockwell Gate.

One thing that strikes me looking at these photos is the amount of stone – not just the railways bridges but walls and buildings. Walking round Mansfield as a boy I don't remember that being significant, but after living so long in an area where there is no building stone I now notice it.

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Footpath from Quaker Way (?) up to the Midland station
Looking up Station Drive from Quaker Way
Looking down Station Drive towards Quaker Way
Scrap yard near the Midland station
Corner of Wharf Road (now station car park)
Railway sidings near Midland station (?)
Footbridge in Titchfield Park
The brewery seen from Titchfield Park with gasworks behind
Path alongside the railway
Baums Lane - where Central railway crossed Littleworth
Nottingham Road with Field Mill floodlights in the background
Nottingham Road (near where Central railway crossed?)

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