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Various other things

Here is a collection of interesting things:

Tiny ash cones sitting on snow – A strange observation in Iceland, with some thoughts about possible explanation Small ash cones
The Severn Bore  – A spectacular natural phenomenon Severn Bore
Walks on the south of Wokingham  – Scenery and natural history that will soon be destroyed by development South Wokingham walks
Elms Field – Large green open space since used for development Elms Field
Solar energy – What we have, and its performance over the years since installation Solar panels
Nascom 2 – A computer I built in 1979 that had a big influence in things I did afterwards Nascom 2
RISC-OS  – An effective, user friendly computer operating system RISC OS Logo
Trees cocooned by caterpillars – Something you wouldn't believe if you hadn't seen it Cocooned wall top
The Rod-Stone-Fortnight system  – A quirky (unofficial) British system of units RSF
Hexaflexagons – Flat models constructed from a folded strip, that can be flexed to reveal different faces.  Hexaflexagons
Shapes folded from paper tape – Including the platonic solids, some other solids, Moravian stars and a Klein bottle. Stella Dodecahedron
My book – A social history of bells, ringers and bell ringing over three centuries in an English market town. Back coverFront cover
Cambridge in the 60s – Some pictures of Sidney Sussex College Cloister Court, Sidney Sussex College
Wokingham in the 60s, 70s & 80s – Some pitcures as it was then.  Wokingham 1960s
Kirkby in Ashfield in the 1960s – Some pitcures as it was then. Kirkby in the 60s
Mansfield in the 1960s – Some pitcures as it was then. Railway bridge, Mansfield
Scouting in the 1960s – Pictures and memories of how things were then. Scout camp
Motorway construction – Pictures taken during the construction of the A329(M) motorway east of Wokingham in 1974. Motorway construction
Hex – A fascinating game with some superior properties.  Hex board
Quotations – A collection of sayings that resonate with me. Quotations 
Schools – Enhancing the curriculum  Demonstrating how a bell swings

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