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Glossary of ringing terms – UV

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Words or phrases underlined are defined within the glossary. Where it assists with clarity, a definition is annotated to indicate a part of speech. (n) = noun, (vb) = verb, (adj) = adjective, (adv) = adverb. Section references refer to sections within The Tower Handbook.  

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Experienced observer(s) to monitor and report on the correctness and quality of a record performance.
None of the calls in a touch alter the work the bell does. (By affecting others, they will alter the coursing order, and hence where the unaffected bell meets the others).
A member of a guild or association who does not ring regularly with a tower band.
Under catching
(An instructor) taking the sally below the student's hands This is better than taking it above, since it allows the student to feel more of what the bell is doing, rather than just what the tutor is doing to the rope.
Ringing in the row immediately before another bell. Eg when dodging, blows are struck alternately under and over the other bell.
A method derived from Grandsire on Triples or above, where 5th place is made at the lead end change as well as 3rds place at the following change, so the bells in 4-5 and above do a double dodge.
(1) A bell is up when either stood or swinging between mouth up positions.
(2) A bell moves up when hunting towards the back.
Instruction given after Devon Call change ringing a few rows prior to setting the bells, to ensure that they are swinging high enough to be set.
Up knot
A knot that will easily untie if pulled. Used to stop the tail end falling to the floor when the bell is up.
Up right
A bell is up right ('clappering right') if at each stroke the clapper catches up the bell to strike its leading edge.
Up wrong
A bell is up wrong ('clappering wrong') if at each stroke theclapper falls back on the bell to strike its trailing edge. Also 'up wrong side'.
Abbreviation for the calling position 'fifths'
Variable hunt
Ringing a method in such a way that different bells in turn perform the work of the hunt bell, which would otherwise normally be the treble.
(1) (Doubles) A method with the same plain course as another, but using different calls.
(2) Methods that may be easily remembered in terms of another with almost the same work
(3) (Treble Bob Major) Some specific combinations of Kent and Oxford, in peal and quarter peal composition, (Cam, Granta, Ilkeston, Killamarsh, Liversedge and Worcester)
Victorian Society
Amenity society that aims to protect buildings of the Victorian period (~1837 to 1900) – consulted for faculty applications relating to such buildings. See also Georgian Group.
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