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Glossary of ringing terms – A

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Words or phrases underlined are defined within the glossary. Where it assists with clarity, a definition is annotated to indicate a part of speech. (n) = noun, (vb) = verb, (adj) = adjective, (adv) = adverb. Section references refer to sections within The Tower Handbook.  

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(1) (describing a bell's position) Later in the row than another bell or position, eg 'above 5ths place' or 'above the Treble'.
(2) (describing a method) 'X above Y' means the work done above the Treble is as in method X and the work below the Treble is as in method Y, Also said: 'X above, Y below'.
Add a hunt bell
Produce a method whose plain course is dominated by a pair of hunt bells from a method with a single hunt bell (at the next lower stage) by retaining the place relationship and the basic shape of the blue line. All plain methods can be extended like this, particularly right place plain methods on even numbers. Usually the resultant method bears the same name as the original, but Plain Bob is an exception. Adding a hunt bell to Plain Bob Minor produces Grandsire Triples, not Plain Bob Triples.
Adjacent places
Places made next to each other in the same change.
Adjoining places
Places, one or both of whose blows are made next to the treble's path.
A bell affected by a call is caused to alter its subsequent order of work.
See bell frame.
(1) In the following place, eg 4 is after 3 in rounds.
(2) Following in the coursing order, eg 4 courses after 2 in plain hunt. eg '3 down after 5'.
After bell
The bell next following (you) in the coursing order, eg 6 is the 4's after bell and 3 is 5's after bell in plain hunting.
Abbreviation of this is all or that's all
A class of symmetrical treble dominatedmethod in which the treble reaches the back, but rings in some positions more often than others. Often spliced with little methods where the treble does not ring in all positions.
All the work
(Commonly abbreviated to ATW) A composition (normally a peal) of several methods spliced so that each bell rings all place bells of each method. The term 'not all the work' can also be used as a criticism of single method compositions.
Anti clockwise
A ring with an anti clockwise rope circle. eg 'Anytown is an anti clockwise six'.
Archdeacon's (bell) Certificate
Authorisation issued by an Archdeacon for minor works to bell fittings not requiring a faculty
The central boss around which the canons are grouped on earlier bells.
A simple composition , or alteration of a composition , that cannot be considered original.
The Association of Ringing Teachers
Ancient Society of College Youths
A ringing organisation, typically representing a number of towers in a county, region or diocese. See also guild, society.
 Association of Ringing Teachers (ART)
Organisation formed to train, motivate and support teachers of ringing. See website.
Asymmetric method
A method whose places are not symmetrical within a lead or block, and hence its course or blue line are not symmetrical.
see in and out
See All the work.
Add extra bells to an existing ring.
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