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Glossary of ringing terms – Q

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Words or phrases underlined are defined within the glossary. Where it assists with clarity, a definition is annotated to indicate a part of speech. (n) = noun, (vb) = verb, (adj) = adjective, (adv) = adverb. Section references refer to sections within The Tower Handbook.  

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(= Quick). A twin bob calling position in Stedman with calls 'in quick' and 'out quick', ie at the start and end of the six in which the observation bell is quick bell.
Quarter peal.
A term used in composition . A group of rows representing courses orleads exclusively related to each other. All must be produced by a bob or all by a plain lead, to avoid falseness.
Quarter peal.
Having been rung to a quarter, eg a method, composition or ring of bells.
Quarter hunt (bell)
An observation bell that is affected by calls but repeats the same work every course.
Quarter turn
Re-hang a bell rotated through 90° so the clapper strikes mid way between the pits worn by it previously on the sound bow. (Less commonly a bell that has already been quarter turned may be eighth turned, ie through 45°).
Quarter peal
A touch of length equal to, or slightly more than a quarter of the length needed for a peal, ie 1250+.
A row with separate descending runs of odd and even bells. On an even number, the odd bells ring first, but on an odd number, the even bells ring first to retain the tenor last. eg 135246, 13572468, 24135.
Hunting without making a place on the way, eg in quick,out quick.
Quick bell
The bell doing quick work in Stedman.
Quick six
A six in which the front three bells hunt right
Quick work
Running in and out quick, in Stedman, as opposed to slow work, the other front work.
Quinquennial (inspection)
Professional inspection of a church building and its contents that must be done every five years by an architect.
Quinquennial report
Report produced by the inspecting architect following a quinquennial inspection – sent to the DAC Secretary, Archdeacon, Incumbent and PCC Secretary
One of the component tones of a bell sound, a musical fifth above the fundamental
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