The Tower Handbook


Your band is unlikely to be viable in the medium and long term unless you teach. Teaching is an ongoing process, not just teaching new recruits but also helping more experienced members of the band to make further progress and widen their horizons. Some bands do less teaching than they should because they find learners an intrusion that stops them doing what they want. This is a selfish, short-term attitude. Make sure your whole band believes in the need for teaching as an ongoing, continuous activity in which everyone is involved, as learner or teacher or both.

11.1: Structured approach.

11.2: The teacher.

11.3: Teaching handling and bell control .

11.4: Teaching raising and lowering in peal.

11.5: Teaching speed control .

11.6: Teaching to ring with others .

11.7: Teaching to ring called changes .

11.8: Teaching method ringing .

11.9: Teaching ropesight .

11.10: Teaching rhythm and good striking .

11.11: Teaching listening .

11.12: Teaching conducting  

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