The Tower Handbook

10.3 The family

a: Why should we involve a trainee's family?

Because the commitment and enthusiasm you get in the tower will depend very much on them. Families have a strong influence on a youngster's commitment. Whether they miss practices or stick at it when things get tough will very much depend on whether the family is behind them in their ringing endeavour. Adults are not controlled by their families in the way children are, but in the give and take of daily life, if partners are not supportive, then ringing will have to give more often than take.

b: How can we win the family's support?

Involve them. Invite them to an introductory practice. Make friends with them. Tell them what you expect of their child or partner. With children this is particularly important. If the parents don't know what is expected, they cannot support you by providing extra encouragement to do things.

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