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Maths and ringing

This is an overview of a talk I gave to maths pupils at Park House School, Newbury , together with references for further study following the talk. I later gave a shortened version of the talk to pupils at Sir William Borlase's Grammar School, Marlow.

Read the article about the talk that I wrote for The Ringing World.

 If you would like a similar talk, please contact me .


The talk explains the mathematical underpinning of change ringing, and in the process introduces many mathematical concepts that have more widespread applicability, including: permutations, factorials, symbolic transformations, groups and group theory, Hamiltonian circuits, symmetry and the Fibonacci series.

See also: my general Talk on the Maths of Bellringing . See also: details of other Lecture for secondary school pupils  See also: Music and Ringing 


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20 – More links on ringing and maths – http://www.ringing.info/  Look under ‘Compositions’ -> Group Theory

21 – YouTube video, Change ringing on handbells with the 'cross & stretch' style – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRy7YmUS3uQ 

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