The Tower Handbook

7.6: Insurance

a: What sort of insurance is relevant to ringing?

Three sorts of insurance might be relevant [68]

There are also three potential sources of such cover:

Insurance can be complicated. Insurance from each of the sources above may have different constraints (eg upper and lower age limits) or payments (for injury) limited to people in full time employment. There can be complications if more than one policy covers the same risk, which is quite likely in this case. Find out for what risks you are and are not covered. Decide whether your band is happy with the situation. If you have no cover from your church, you should discuss this with the PCC, since they may not be happy that part of the church's activity has no cover, leaving them possibly liable. If your local association provides no cover, you could discuss with them whether this is something they should do. Very cost effective cover can be provided by this route.

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