The Tower Handbook

6.3: Being organised

a: Is it worth having a notice board?

Some towers manage without one while others find them very useful. The main benefit is that if things get pinned to the notice board you know where they are. Things left lying around have a habit of disappearing, unless you are very good at managing heaps! If you are thinking of providing a new notice board, don't make it too small. You will be surprised just how many things you will have to put on it. Make sure you have an adequate supply of pins. The latest addition is always more important (especially to the person putting it up) than earlier stuff, from which the pins will get nicked!

Most towers find their white (or black) board gets used for all sort of short term notices and lists which they feel will be more likely to be read than if another piece of paper was added to the notice board. Whether this is true could be a long debate. Ringers seem very capable of not seeing notices in front of them! See section 6.6l.

b: How can we keep track of who can attend when?

In an ideal world you wouldn't need to since everyone would attend every time. But real ringers take leave, go away on business, attend meetings, and cannot always attend ringing. One of the easiest ways to keep track of things is to use an attendance sheet that allows each member of your band (and regular visitors) to indicate when they will or will not be present. You need a row for each person and a column for each service, practice or other occasion when you ring. You may get one or two months to a sheet, depending on how big the squares are. Of course having an attendance sheet only works if people remember to fill it in, and you all need to get into the habit of marking up your intentions, especially intended absences, as soon as you know about them, but this is really only courtesy in advance.

c: How should we look after donations?

Many visitors will look for somewhere to leave a donation. If you have a prominent collection box, they will put the donation in it. If not, they may put it in any number of places they felt was 'safe' (or not bother at all). But if your ringing room is open, don't make the box too prominent in case of theft. Remember to empty it frequently as well.

d: What else could be useful in keeping things organised?


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