The Tower Handbook

3.7: Record keeping

a: Should we record when we ring?

Keeping a record is a good habit. If you ever have to deal with complaints in the future, and if the authorities got involved, being able to produce evidence of the pattern of your ringing over a number of years is very useful to counter any claims that 'they never rang as much before'. On one line you can record the date, start and stop time, whether sound control was open or closed if you have it, and why you were ringing. If you also record how many of your members (and visitors) were there, you also have a record of the pattern of attendance which you may find useful to look back at in the future.

b: Should we keep a scrap book?

It is nice to be able to look back at what your band has done over the years, and be reminded of events or people you may have forgotten. The more difficult bit is to remember to put pictures, articles etc in it regularly. Make sure someone takes a camera on your outings. Arrange a photograph of the band. Take cuttings from your Parish Magazine, local press or The Ringing World. You could appoint someone to be responsible for updating the scrapbook regularly.


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