The Tower Handbook

9.9: Fund raising

a: Should we run fund raising events?

There are several reasons for running fund raising events.

b: What are good fund raising events?

c: What are the secrets of successful fund-raising events?

Although you are not doing it on a commercial basis, the same underlying principles still apply:

d: Should we combine social events and fund-raising?

Of course you can, but you should be clear about which aspect is driving. Is it a social event you would like to make some money or is the main aim to make money but you want to enjoy working on it together. If you are trying to raise funds for a restoration or augmentation, you should focus on the money, since you need a lot and you don't want the process to go on for years. If you have no special financial need, but you like to pull your weight in the association or the community by making donations to the bell fund or local charities, then focus on the social side and take the profit as a by product.

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