The Tower Handbook

7.8: Constitution: Need for

a: What is a constitution?

A set of rules that formally define the band, its objectives and how it shall be run.

b: Do we need a constitution?

You can run a tower without rules and many do. Some people think a constitution is old fashioned, but there are two important reasons why you should have a constitution. It provides a common point of reference and if you ever have a dispute about how things should be done, it provides clear ground rules for sorting things out. For example, defining the status of your tower funds, see section 7.7h.

c: Once we have a constitution can we change it?

Yes. Most constitutions include a rule about how to change them. But you can't change them suddenly. If you could, there would be little point in having one. Change should require due consideration and a strong majority.

d: How can we get a constitution?

Get someone to write a draft, make copies available for all members to comment. Revise the draft in light of the comments. Then add it as an item to be discussed, and endorsed if appropriate at your AGM. If you do not already hold an AGM, ask your priest or a churchwarden to chair an inaugural meeting for this purpose.

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